Provincial Budget unveiled by all Provinces

All the seven Provinces unveiled Budget for fiscal year 2078/79 on 15th June, Tuesday. Health sector is highly prioritized in all Provincial budget. 

1647.56 Billion Budget for FY 2077/78

A budget of Rs 1647.57 billion for fiscal year 2077/78 is announced by the government on 29th of May 2021. The 12 percent bigger than that for the ongoing fiscal year.

Provincial GDP for FY 2077/78

CBS released Provincial GDP for fiscal year 2077/78. As per the estimates Bagmati contributes highest to national GDP

Census Postponed

CBS postponed all activities regarding National Population Census 2021 scheduled to take place on 08 Jun to 22 Jun 2021, until further notice due to increasing COVID cases.

National Accounts Statistics 2020/21 released

Nepal’s GDP Growth Rate at Purchaser’s Price is estimated to remain at 4.01 percent in the year 2020/21. It was -2.09 in the year 2019/20. ….

Women in Data

Women in Nepal’s Parliament, Life Expectancy at Birth, Female Headed Households, Economically Active Female Population, Gender Disparity Index, Gender Inequality Index, Child Rape Cases, Child mortality…..

Data Stories

Trend of Coffee Import and Export in Nepal

Nepal produce an average of 470 metric tons of coffee per year. It is cultivated in about 40 districts of the mid-hills. Syangja, Nuwakot, Gulmi, Palpa, Kaski, Kavrepalanchowk, Arghakhanchi, Tanahu, Baglung, Gorkha, Lalitpur are major districts known for coffee production. 

Data Stories

Investment Gap in Agriculture

Nepal’s agriculture sector still has highest share in GDP. And there is still huge number of population depending on agriculture for livelihood. To fill the investment gap in agriculture and productivity an urgent review of investment financing strategy is needed.

Nepal Human Development Report 2020

Beyond Graduation: Productive Transformation and Prosperity

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Nepal’s economic growth in negative trend

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) disseminates new base for National Accounts Statistics. According to CBS Rebasing of the National Accounts Series is the process of replacing an old base year with a new and more recent base year for computing constant price estimates. 

15th Periodic Plan in Infographics

National Planning Commission (NPC) has come out with Fifteenth Periodic Plan. According to NPC, the Fifteenth Plan has been formulated as the base plan to achieve fundamental rights, provisions including directive principles and policies of the state, the Sustainable Development Goals, global economic outlook, and commitments of the government made on different occasions. 

Energy Outlook of Nepal

Growth in transmission line, System loss, Sectorwise consumption of electricity, Total energy available and peak demand, Consumption of petroleum products…..

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Development Profile of Nepal Book
Enerty Outlook of Nepal Book

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Trend of Coffee Import and Export in Nepal

Trend of Coffee Import and Export in Nepal

Coffee produced in Nepal is of Arabica variety. It is considered as specialty coffee for its distinct aroma and body and is grown in high altitude area above 1,000 meters up to 1,600 meters. After the year 2002, coffee import and export in Nepal has substantially changed due to domestic consumption and motivated coffee producers considering coffee as one of the major income generating crops.

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Survival is a New Challenge

Survival is a New Challenge

The pandemic has supercharged the economic collapse caused by poverty and conflict and placed the largest burden on the vulnerable. There is weak social protection for working class citizens in countries like Nepal. Government policies are favored to corporations. The gap between richest and poorest is widening. Covid-19 pandemic has created plenty of problems for employees working on self and for various private companies.

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Investment Gap in Agriculture

Investment Gap in Agriculture

Nepal’s agriculture sector is still far behind from being commercialized and mechanized. Commercialization and mechanization of agriculture needs investment. Looking in to the data enumerated by the agriculture census the proportion of holdings availing agricultural credit to finance their farming is very low. To fill the investment gap in agriculture and productivity an urgent review of investment financing strategy is needed.

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