Nepal’s economic growth in negative trend says CBS

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) disseminates new base for National Accounts Statistics. According to CBS Rebasing of the National Accounts Series is the process of replacing an old base year with a new and more recent base year for computing constant price...

Potentially dangerous glacial lakes in Nepal

Himalayan glaciers are vulnerable to the warming climate and have been melting and retreating at unprecedented rates since the mid-20th century, impacting flow regimes in major river basins. ICIMOD and UNDP Nepal have prepared a comprehensive inventory of glacial lakes and identified the potentially dangerous glacial lakes in major river basins of Nepal.

‘Sales of Energy’-An Upcoming Challenge

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) celebrates 35 years of its service of power production, transmission and distribution. After tumultuous years of losses NEA is now a profit making organization since 2016/17. Its system loss has come down to 15.27% from 25.78% in 2016. According to annual report of NEA for the year 2019/20 total population with access to electricity infrastructure has reached 86% of the total household.

75% Population drinking contaminated water

Central Bureau of Statistics revealed a national survey report conducted on May to November 2019. Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey is sixth of its kind held globally. The survey presents data on disparities by sex, province, location, education, household wealth, functional limitation and other characteristics.